practicing the unforced rhythms of Jesus
Life In Rhythm Podcast

What does it mean to practice the rhythms of Jesus?

Much of life is sustained by rhythmic patterns and our lives are filled with many ordinary routines; work, home, family, and friends. These rhythms that we engage in shape the curvature of our lives.

We believe God is present in the ordinary routines and invites us into His unforced rhythms of grace that present an opportunity to live  freely and lightly in the midst of the ordinary. 

Together, we are simply… 

formed by God
with one another
for the good of others

That’s it. But that’s an entire life’s pursuit. It is not just an event on Sunday, but a way of life in community and on mission. To practice the unforced rhythms of Jesus we need all three; God transforming us from the inside out, community to share life with, and a passion to live out for those in our sphere of influence. 

Listen along with our various teachings on the rhythms of Jesus. Then participate in living out these rhythms in your community. 

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